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It's Good To Be King is an independent retail store in Elmhurst,
Illinois, open since December 1996.

We are in business because we like chess sets, toy soldiers, and history. There are not very many stores around to visit, to look at, and to choose and immediately purchase from a variety of distinctive, gift-type chess sets or toy soldiers.

In addition to the more than two-hundred chess sets, sets of chess pieces, and chess boards which It's Good To Be King regularly has on display and in stock, we can special order from among several hundred others shown in various catalogs at the store.

The It's Good To Be King store is more of a gift shop than a game, toy, or hobby store. While we have a selection of backgammon sets, checkers, and historic theme playing cards, we do not carry a broad range of games other than chess. We do not carry model kits and we do not buy or sell collectibles.

We think It's Good To Be King is an attractive, unique, and interesting store (even if you are not particularly interested in chess or toy soldiers) and enjoy people coming in to browse, although admitting that we enjoy it even more when people make purchases.

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