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The best way to buy is to come to the It's Good To Be King store and browse. For chess sets in particular, you can examine, purchase and immediately take home any of our more than two hundred regularly stocked items. If you have a set of chess pieces, bring it to the store to match it up with a chess board (and vice versa).

We also have a number of catalogs available in the store from which customers can special order a wide variety of chess pieces, chess boards, and chess sets which we do not have in stock at the store. We have a special order policy offering great flexibility for exchanges, allowing you to be certain you purchase a chess set you will be happy with.

We accept payment by cash, check or any major credit card.

At this time, It's Good To Be King does not sell on-line. However, we will make sales by taking credit card payment by phone.

Our regular hours are 11am to 5pm Tuesday thru Saturday (open later by appointment). We are normally closed on Sundays and Mondays, except during the holiday season.

We can be reached by telephone during store hours at (630) 833-5060. We will respond to faxed inquiries to (630) 833-5212, and
e-mail inquiries to

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