We are the premier brick and mortar chess store in the Chicago area - located in downtown Elmhurst City Centre – offering strong product selection, competitive pricing, alluring in-store experience and quality personal service.

We are open and at present - April 2021 - do have chess sets to sell, albeit not as many as would be normal for us.

We were completely sold out of all chess inventory by Christmas Eve day 2020 – due to normal holiday season activity and the extraordinary combination of the 2020 pandemic dynamic of people staying home playing games and the impact of the Queen’s Gambit series.

While we have not yet been able to fully restock (our suppliers were also sold out), we currently do have more chess sets to sell than we have had in months and have more coming in by the week.

Please view our “Services” page as to the chess sets that we currently have and that we are expecting to arrive in the near future, as well as our customer services; and view our “Photos” and “360 Tour” pages for how we enjoy displaying and selling our merchandise.

We are an independent, locally owned shop open since 1996. We are purely a brick and mortar physical retail store, selling the actual chess sets customers are viewing and “hands on” examining while in the shop. We try to make shopping enjoyable and buying easy, and every transaction is a personal and social one for us.

We draw people from Chicago and all of the surrounding metropolitan area – to browse and, if desired, to purchase and immediately walk out of the store with chess sets for themselves or to gift. We regularly have customers coming out from the city of Chicago and coming into the store from suburbs including Elmhurst, Oak Brook, Hinsdale, Burr Ridge, Downers Grove, Naperville, Wheaton, Glen Ellyn, Park Ridge, and Oak Park.

We do maintain limited store hours. This allows our owners, Tom and Marguerite, to always be in the shop when we are open – being the ones who will say “hello” when you come in, answer your questions and help you with a purchase.

From 1996 through 2017, our store “staff” on most days was Tom’s father, also named Tom. People still come into the store all the time – including guys now in their twenties and thirties who were in as kids buying toy soldiers (including some who are now really soldiers), people who fifteen years ago first purchased chess sets for their families, couples who moved away and are back in town visiting – who ask and talk about the “old guy who was here.” Invariably they say things like “what a nice man” “I really enjoyed talking with him” “we had a great conversation” – although then many times chuckling and noting that he was so friendly and talkative that they would have to interrupt him from conversation to complete their purchases. We try to carry that legacy on, albeit perhaps with a bit more focus on balancing the conversation with efficiently finishing the shopping transaction.